About Us

Astrosurf plays catchy melodies on reverb laden electric guitar. We interpret the music of surfers, cowboys and spies that the early electrical Fender guitar influenced so heavily in the 50’s. Depending on the night you might hear us play our own songs using classic sounds, classic TV and movie music, obscure old time songs and other hits from the 50’s. Sometimes we’ll even slip in an entire symphony.

Our members are Toronto based freelance musicians Chris Adriaanse (bass), Tzevi Sherman (guitar) and Andrew Miller (drums). They can be heard with numerous indie bands, jazz bands, and songwriters throughout Toronto. Our debut EP ‘Live off the Ocean Floor’ released April 30th, 2016. You can purchase and listen to it here, on Bandcamp. We are currently in pre-production for our next release, stay tuned!

While we claim to play ‘surf music’ our approach is more as it is in jazz ensembles which we come from. Improvisation, adventurousness, pushing of boundaries and dynamic group playing clash with the clearly defined conventions of ‘surf’ music. Our performances are interesting, humorous, and full of fun energy for any room.